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Gold Inlay, Overlay and Onlay.
  • Gold Inlay, Overlay and Onlay.

    Mastering Metal Inlay and Overlay Techniques


    Embark on a transformative journey into metalworking with our immersive course on metal inlay and overlay techniques. Over five intensive days, you will explore the intricate art of working with brass, copper, silver, and gold to create stunning designs through inlay wire, Overlay leaf, and geometric shapes.

    This course comprehensively explores metalworking fundamentals and advanced techniques, from sculpting delicate leaves to crafting custom tools. Each participant will receive personalized instruction and guidance for an enriching learning experience.


    Course Description:


    Course Duration: 5 Days (Monday to Friday)

    Time: 10 am to 4 pm (one-hour lunch)

    Class Size: Private one on one.


    Class Objectives:


    Master Metalworking Fundamentals:

    • Gain proficiency in handling brass, copper, silver, and gold for inlay and overlay projects.
    • Learn techniques for preparing metal surfaces and achieving optimal adhesion.

    Problem-Solving Skills:

    • Identify common challenges in metal inlay and overlay work.
    • Develop strategies to troubleshoot and overcome obstacles effectively.

    Artistic Creation:

    • Explore the artistry of inlay wire, overlay leaf, and geometric shapes to create intricate designs.
    • Sculpt and add dimension to metal leaves, enhancing visual appeal and realism.

    Tool Crafting and Customization:

    • Learn to craft essential tools for metalworking tasks, including chisels, micro hammers, and gravers.
    • Customize tools to suit specific project requirements and achieve desired results.

    Silver Overlay Design:

    • Apply overlay techniques to embellish surfaces with silver sheets.
    • Design and execute captivating themes using overlay methods.

    Class Project(s):

    Steel Bar Inlay Project: Utilize a steel bar as a canvas to practice and showcase newfound skills in metal inlay and overlay techniques. Experiment with various metals to create stunning compositions and intricate designs.


    Personal Projects: Participants are encouraged to bring their own projects or ideas during the workshop. Whether it's a jewelry piece, decorative item, or artistic creation, participants can apply newly acquired skills to bring their projects to fruition.


    Please Note: Course information is subject to change without notice.


    • Unavailable dates

      From April 8 to 19 2024

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