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Advance hand engraving

Advance hand engraving

Advanced Engraving Techniques: Mastering Shading, Drawing, and Design


Take your engraving skills to new heights in this advanced course focusing on shading, drawing, and intricate design. Designed for those seeking to refine their intermediate engraving skills, participants will embark on a journey of artistic exploration and technical mastery. From planning fine shading lines to executing complex projects, including gold inlay and deep relief engraving, this course offers a comprehensive curriculum to elevate your engraving expertise, focusing on hands-on practice and personalized guidance.


Course Duration: 5 Days (Monday to Friday)

Attendance: 10 am to 4 pm (one-hour lunch)

Class: Private one on one.


Course Objectives:


Enhance Confidence and Skill Level:

  • Build confidence in your engraving abilities through advanced techniques and projects.
  • Elevate your engraving skills from intermediate to advanced proficiency.

Mastering Shading and Drawing:

  • Learn how to plan and execute fine shading lines to enhance depth and realism in your engravings.
  • Develop skills in drawing scrolls and intricate designs for engraving projects.

Project Execution:

  • Execute a comprehensive project, such as transforming a zippo lighter or knife handle, incorporating shading, drawing, and design elements.
  • Explore gold inlay and overlay techniques to add luxurious accents to your projects.

Deep Relief Engraving:

  • Master the art of deep relief engraving to create stunning backgrounds that add depth and dimension to your engravings.
  • Learn techniques for finishing the scrollwork and applying appropriate backgrounds to enhance the composition.

Class Project(s):

Create a personalized project using advanced engraving techniques.

Receive all necessary tools and materials to complete your project during the course.



Completion of the intermediate Hand Engraving course or instructor approval is required.

Proficiency in proper tool sharpening and basic engraving techniques.


Please Note: Course information is subject to change without notice. Join us for an enriching experience that will take your engraving skills to new heights!


  • Unavailable dates

    From April 8 to 19 2024

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