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Faculty Members

G.J Owen

Founder & Instructor

Gabriel Owen, our founder and instructor, is a second-generation jeweler

Wade Oliver Wilsson

Master Engraver

Wade is a master engraver and the host of the Hand Engraving Podcast. He specializes ...

Tira Mitchell

Engraver instructor

Tira Mitchell is an artist, hand engraver, stone setter, teacher, and entrepreneur. 

Steve Lindsay

Master Engraver & Inventor

Inventor of the famous  Air graver palm control, In 1975, at the age of 17,

Otto Carter

Master Engraver

The art of engraving has intrigued me since I first became aware of it. Having been in the graphic design business for many years

Bertram Edmonston IV

Master Engraver & Jeweler

Bertram Edmonston IV, beganworking in his family’s custom retail jewelry store.

Weldon Lister

Master Engraver

Weldon is a third-generation artist/craftsman using the simplest of tools, a hammer & chisel,

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